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Precirack 10 series racks are aesthetically designed medium duty 19" racks where a special emphasis has been given on ease of assembly, equipment mounting and integration at customer end.

The frame of the rack includes four vertical and eight horizontal pillars made using special proprietary aluminuim extrusions which when assembled with corner brackets and a base plate ensure rigidity and strength of the rack.

The rack is capable of handling up to 400 kilograms of load and finds use in a variety of industries such as Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Music Recording Studios.

These racks can be supplied in an assembled condition or in a fully knocked down condition.


Physical Dimensions:

h (mm)
H (mm)
12u 533.4 733.4
16u 711.2 911.2
22u 977.0 1177.9
28u 1244.6 1444.6
34u 1511.3 1711.3
40u 1778.0 1978.0
46u 2044.7 2244.7


Overall Depth
D (mm)
Usable Depth
d (mm)
400 352
500 452
600 552
700 652
800 752

All dimensions are in mm






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