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PRMC offers a wide variety of accessories that compliment its entire range of products. These accessories enhance the product utility and enable the user to easily mount and integrate different equipments into the system.

Apart from standard accessories listed below any special accessories needed to suit customers critical applications can be supplied on request. Our engineers can involve with the customer's design team to find the optimal suit of accessories to enhance the value for the customer.

Stationery Shelf

The shelf is used for placing equipment of less than 19" width in the cabinet. Stationery Shelf

Vertical angles are used to mount the shelves.
Shelf dimensions are based on customer requirements. Load bearing capacity is up to 60 kg.









Sliding Shelf

Sliding ShelfTelescopic slides are used for mounting the sliding shelf which enables the user to take out equipment for repairs or rewiring.

Telescopic slides are selected based on load bearing capacity
required which can vary from 30 kg to 100 kg.

Cantilever Tray

Cantilever TrayMostly used on non-standard equipments. Cantilever tray is fixed to front mounting angles with 2U height.

Load bearing capacity is up to 20 kg.

Rotary Key Board Tray

Rotary Key Board TrayThis tray enables the user to store a key-board in a convenient way and to slide out the same whenever needed. This user friendly accessory neatly fits into the system and increases the visual appeal of the system.

Fan Tray

Fan TrayPRMC fan trays are very popular and versatile. They can be supplied with two or four fans arrangement with suitable fan guards. Surface finish of these trays can be electro plated or powder coated.

Power Distribution Box

Power Distribution BoxThe Power Distribution Box comes with a 15 Amps main switch, fuse holder, indicator and a cable for connecting to the power source. The standard models have six 5 Amp sockets but the number of sockets can be customized to meet customer requirements.

Mounting Hardware

Mounting HardwareThe mounting hardware comprises of specially designed cage nuts, washers and screws with quality electroplating plating that are easy to use by the customers.

Lifting HooksLifting Hooks

A set of four steel lifting hooks is supplied with electroplated finish. The load bearing capacity is up to 400kg.

Leveling FootLeveling Foot

Leveling foots are provided to enable floor mounted racks to be used on uneven surfaces. These are fitted at the bottom of the rack and generally have electroplated surface finish.

Castor Wheels

Castor WheelsCastor wheel enable the user to move the racks from on place to other. Castor wheels are supplied in sets of four, two without breaks and two with foot-operated brakes. The size and material of the castor wheel is decided based on the load bearing capacity of the rack.

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