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PRMC offers a wide variety of sub-rack accessories that compliment its entire range of products. These sub-rack accessories enhance the product utility and enable the user to easily mount and integrate different equipments into the system.

Card Guides

These moulded guides are provided to accommodate PCBs of different lengths. Excellent materials are used to manufacture these guides, which provide the strength to absorb vibrations. Length of card guides varies from 140mm to 210mm.

Threaded Strips

Threaded strips are used for fixing the front panels, facia plates and modules. Manufactured out of steel strips with tapped holes the strips have electroplated surface finish.

Pull Out Handles

Special Aluminum extrusions are used to manufacture pull out handles, which are convenient to operate. The necessary fixing hardware is supplied along with handles, which come with anodized finish in a wide variety of colours.

Facia Panels

Facia Panels are made of Aluminum with an anodized surface finish. These are supplied in widths of 3U to 6U with necessary fixing hardware.






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